Monday, December 4, 2023

September Happenings

September I spent many miles on my bike (had to hit 150 for my goal. Thomas had soccer kick up, Saturday mornings and Wednesday evening. 

Sunday, September 10th Kyle ran a half marathon: Chain of Lakes. I hopped on my bike and spotted him in two spots. Then went home, got the kids up and we picked up donuts than went to cheer him onto the finish. 

Since we were right there at Lake Harriet and the trolley was running we decided to go for a ride. Isaac was in a mood so he stayed back at the station while we did the little <10 minutes ride. 

Monday, September 11th Mary had some neurophysc testing to help us better understand her learning needs. It was a long morning, but enjoyed the little 1:1 breaks with her. 

Little wood pecker at our bird feeder. 

Wednesday night soccer. 

Our birds are doing great. 

Rock progress from our agate hunt (which non of them are agates)

Saturday Morning run with Kyle. 

Saturday morning soccer for Thomas

followed by football for Isaac. 

Kyle and I had a little date night at Surly Brew Co. 

Sunday I got in a nice bike ride, gorgeous sunrise. 


Another round of rock tumbling: 

Thursday bike ride!

Friday bike ride! I had to get lots of miles in quickly. My bike wasn't fitting right and I got it professional fitted on Sunday the 17th. I had a week before I was heading to Missouri to finish cleaning out my dad's house so wanted to get as many miles as possible in this one week. 

Mary and I went for a little walk

Turkeys in our yard

Then Saturday I drove down to Missouri for the week ahead of cleaning. My brother was flying in that evening. It was a pretty easy drive until I hit Harrisonville and was in a storm for two hours causing me to go a max speed of about 20mph. It was awful! UGH


Arrived finally, staying at an AirBnB near my brother that is living in my dad's house. Sunday my other brother, who's traveling from California, and I went out to our home town for their big annual fall festival. They had a fun petting zoo, we had lunch, ran into some friends. Even Kyle's best friend was there who doesn't even live in this small town, lol. It was a surprise bumping into him, but not quite as big of a surprise for him to see me he said "what the heck are you doing here?!?" lol. Had dinner with some of my girlfriends before getting to work Monday cleaning my dad's place. 



We spent all of Monday and most of Tuesday getting my dad's things cleaned up and cleaning the house to prepare to move my brother in. My brother had a duplex he needed to get moved out of by the end of the month. Multiple trips to donate things and to the dumpster. Found a piece of my dad's ankle! 


Then Tuesday and Wednesday was spent moving my brother. 
The Sunday trip to our small town we visited my mom's house to discover quite the mess, so while we were there my Cali brother and I spent Thursday out there cleaning out her garage and having a big pile of junk hauled to the dumpster. I stayed an extra day but had to be back home. Josh ended up saying another week to help get my mom's house cleaned. 

On my drive home I stopped by to visit grave sites of my grandparents. 

Made it home! Brought my old xylophone for Isaac to practice on. 

Back to tracking miles on the bike, I only had a few more to go. Coming home from Thomas's soccer. 

Whoo HOO I hit my challenge goal!


Saturday, September 30th, final day of the month Thomas practiced riding his bike with Kyle at Isaac's football game. The girls and I had a girls night to see Lauren Dangle in concert. 



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