Friday, December 15, 2023

MEA Camping Trip {October 22, Sunday} Day 4 Thomas Breaks his Arm

Sunday was our final day camping, we woke up, made breakfast (just eating the last of the food we had) and packed up. We drove into town to visit the statues: 


While we were there I wanted to fly my drone, the kids were playing on the playground. 

While I was flying I hear a cry from Thomas and I just knew it wasn't good. Kyle ran to help him and I landed my drone then came over. By the way he was crying and when I peeked up his sleeve I knew it was broken. 

So we got in the van, went straight to CVS to get some ibuprofen, stopped to get coffee and donuts for the kids then headed straight toward home. I looked up a Tria clinic in Maple Grove and it was 3.5 hours away. (Tria is a big orthopedics company in the Twin Cities). I submitted info telling them we were coming, hoping for a quick entry. Thomas did great the whole ride home, once the meds kicked in he was golden. He ate some donut and I told him that was the last he could eat in the event he needed sedation to fix his arm. (I worked in an ER for over 10 years and saw this all the time so was able to prepare him for 3 different possibilities) 

We arrived at the clinic, Kyle dropped us off so he could get the other kids food and get Isaac to a friend's who was going to give him a ride to his last flag football game. We got to go right in, get X-rays and Yup it was broken... but he would need sedation to get the bone reduced and casted so they decided to send us downtown to the Children's ER. Now I have worked in this ER and it is INSANE! I was hopefully since they knew we were coming it wouldn't be a crazy wait....

Waiting for dad to pick us up, the timing was actually perfect with him coming back and us being finished. Took about an hour. And Thomas was feeling much better with a split-ed arm. 

Isaac at football: 

Again Kyle dropped us off at the ER downtown and ran the kids home. This was about 4:00/4:15... We waited in the waiting room, Thomas watching paw patrol on the TV on repeat. And we waited... 3 hours in the waiting room! 

Then we finally got to go back. Now about 7pm. Both of us are HUNGRY!

He got two more X-rays to check the elbow joint, it was all good. 

Got his IV put in while we waited for the bone doctor to arrive from St. Paul so the arm could get reduced.  It was about 8:30 at this point and Kyle had come to join us. He left the others at home in bed, it was nice for him to be there with me and for Thomas to get some 1:1 time... we'll count this as his belated birthday 1:1 date we hadn't yet done HAHA. 

Moved into the procedure room for sedation. 

Stayed by his side til he was out, which I didn't care to stay but they let us. The bone doc got his arm in place and came to get us when it was finished. 

Thomas spent some time waking up and we waiting to get discharged. Thomas and I were both starved so we stopped for midnight pizza at Pizza Luce. :-) Date night complete. Such a trooper. He was really excited to go to school the next day, but we ended up keeping him home because he was sore. I had picked up a work shift and since I'm casual didn't want to bail on the one extra shift I had so I went in and left a little early to come back home to be with him. 

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