Monday, December 11, 2023

MEA Camping Trip {October 19, Thursday} Day 1

 This was our second year of a new yearly tradition. Last year we went camping this same weekend at the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This year we went up north Minnesota about 4 hours.

We left Thursday morning, not super early. I still got up and ran with my neighbor at 7am. So it was probably between 8 and 9. We made it to Mille Lacs in time for lunch. 

Beautiful fall colors the entire way. It was pretty cool to watch it change, we actually drove through peak which was around Mille Lacs but we still had a few hours north to go taking us OUT of peak, but still beautiful. 

The first two nights of our trip we were camping at Big Bog State Park, near Red Lake. Red Lake was HUGE! It's actually the largest lake in Minnesota (not counting Lake Superior). We first climbed up the fire tower near the park entrance. 


Then settled into our cabin to get dinner started. 


Turns out we love October camping :-) the tent is such a pain with six people, having a bed is nice and all the kids hate the bugs. Not usually bugs at this time of year. 

I had to capture the views from my drone, it's actually against park rules to fly a drone for some reason, not sure why. But I'm careful about it and quick, up and down to capture the beauty. 

Sunset over Red Lake

View of the park entrance and the fire tower we climbed earlier. 

Bird's eye view of our cabin. 

And an attempt at a family photo. Rats I should have used this in our Christmas card, lol. 

Thomas being a goof as it landed. Which is funny to look back on now seeing he had an intact bone at this point. 

Games before bed concludes day one. 

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