Saturday, December 30, 2023


 Ack I have two days left of 2023 and I'd really like to get all caught up on these blogs! Going to pack a whole month in one, which should be fine cuz not much happened... I think. We'll see. 

November 2nd - Isaac had his first band concert. 6th grade performed at 6:00

Friday Nov 3rd I started a new adventure and joined the masters swimming team - practices are weekdays 6-7am, I'm going Tuesdays and Fridays. Furthest I've ever swim at once, first day: 2,100 yards. 


Isaac is *almost* as tall as me. 

The 3 littles didn't have school on Friday Nov 3rd so we went to Mall of America. 


Saturday Nov 4th Isaac got to do a football clinic at the Vikings training field. 

Sunday we went to church, then the library downtown. 


The girls attended a church gathering that evening. 

Monday Nov 6th

Thomas is getting signatures on his cast. 

Isaac didn't have school Tuesday Nov 7th, he got a fresh haircut. 

Turkeys in the neighborhood - Nov 7th. 

November 8th, Wednesday. Kyle and I had tickets to go see Trevor Noah at the Orpheum. 

They took away our phones for the evening, well they had us lock them in these and everyone carried these pouches around, then they unlocked them on our way out. Great way to force people to be present. 

Thursday morning run: 

I picked up my mom from the airport Thursday afternoon. We had a late lunch at the Midtown Global Market. 

Saturday we drove out to Stillwater for a drive through tour. 

Then stopped to have Thai for lunch before going to the history museum in St. Paul. 

Took my mom to get her ears re-pierced at the same place the girls got theirs pierced. 

Sunday we had our GOTR 5K and Grandma was home with the boys, they walked down to the dock. 

Volunteering at school (again) Native American Arts week. 

Fall clean up, phase 1. 

Girls have gymnastics on Wednesdays. 

Volunteering at school, there almost everyday this week. This was a walk to the school forest with Thomas's class. 

Friday, November 17th we got a sitter last minute to go see the Edina High School football team place a state semi-final game at US Bank stadium. It was pretty fun. 

We got to be in the fancy area right behind the players. 

And they WON! This wasn't final score, it ended: 28 to 7. 

Chillin' at home. 

Morning workout

I got Invisalign on Monday Nov 20th! I'll be wearing for the next year to get a couple bottom teeth straighten out. 

Tuesday morning swim. 

Thanksgiving sun from our bedroom. 

And Kyle and I ran a 5K that morning. 

Went to a second annual 'turkey hunt' at a friends in the neighborhood. 


Thomas had his ortho check up Nov 24th and got his cast off! 

DIRTY arm!

Still broken and healing nicely. 

Left with a brace for the next 3 weeks then just during activity for the next 6 weeks. 

Saturday evening Mary participated in a fun lacrosse tournament. Her team had a Taylor Swift Theme. 

And they won the spirit award! 

Sunday Kyle left for Geneva for the week. 

While we entered survival mode at home. Costco MONOPOLY. 

Monday morning run. 

The girls' Native America Art: 

Tuesday morning after a swim the water was SOOO cool with steam coming off it, couldn't really get a good pic of it. 

Kids were making ALL THE RUBBERBAND bracelets. 

Thursday morning run: 

Two pics from the before/after school programing Thomas sometimes attends. 

ANNNNND That's a wrap for November! One month left to blog woohoo!

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