Monday, December 4, 2023

First week of October

October started on a Sunday with the Twin Cities Marathon getting cancelled! We weren't running in it but had planned to head down to the end of our alley to cheer them on as they ran by. We live right about the 3 mile mark for the marathon. Kyle and I were sitting in our room talking about it being cancelled and he was texting with a friend that was to run the 10 miler when we heard lots of commotion. We ended up going down to the lake and there were lots of runners still doing it despite it 'officially' being cancelled. We stayed out there for about an hour or so to cheer them all on, it was fun. 

Thomas officially has this biking thing down! Took one day of being on flat ground to figure it out, a couple more days to get small hills and now he's great (except later this month he broke his arm which put a halt to bike riding... but it's been cold so good timing. There's next summer)

{I'll try to add in a video of him biking later}

The Sunday marathon watching caused a bump in with my neighbor and the following day we started a commitment to run together two times a week. We go out on Monday and Thursday mornings. It's been GREAT! I've never been a fan of winter running... but I am doing a triathlon early June so I have motivation to keep up my endurance. 

Beautiful sunrise before our run. 

Girls had early math club at school, Kyle was traveling so I drove Isaac to school and Thomas and I had some time to kill before he needed to be at school. We got in an old-fashioned coffee date :-) 

Monday (or Tuesday) night dinner down the road from where Isaac had football practice. 

Wednesday soccer 


Thursday morning run. 

More bike riding

Oh and our summer bucket list, I'd call that complete. 

The moment we'd all been waiting for HAHA. Chief's playing the Vikings! Kyle got tickets for Isaac and us a while back. Isaac and I were actually sick leading up this weekend but were feeling better and wouldn't miss this game! We had a sitter for the younger three, but went out for brunch after church all together before the big day. 

Made it to the big game. 


Then slowly made our way up to the nose bleeds, lol. 


Such a nice day they had a whole side opened 

I had fun using the binoculars on my phone camera, lol. 

Great game, fun time!

Quick color shine for the Chief's win on the IDS tower <3 

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