Tuesday, December 12, 2023

MEA Camping Trip {October 21, Saturday} Day 3 Lake Bemidji State Park


Saturday morning we got up to drive 1.5 hours south to another State Park, figured while we were up north we should try to hit two parks, however we decided it was quite a pain to pack up and unpack, so maybe we just camp at one and drive to another next time. But we're closer to home this way. 

Had to get a pic of the Kansas City Rd sign just outside of Big Bog State Park

As we pulled into the town of Bemidji, I got a phone call... it was from Big Bog park and someone had turned in a little frog earring. They thought it would be ours since we had the big family with girls (lol). Yup that was the earring Emma lost. We eventually had her mail it back, Emma got it just a week or so ago. We made it to the state park, we were earlier than our check in time and the cabin wasn't ready so we went to the picnic area to have lunch. It started to rain. 

Our cabin was ready shortly after. Same sort of set up as our other cabin but this one had radiator heat not a gas stove, which gave us a little more room, but not quite as quaint. 

After we settled in we decided to go on our hike to find the hiking club password. This hike was also along a bog (not quite as grand as the Big Bog, but still fun) The colors were beautiful. 

Oh it was youth hunting and they had showed us the areas to watch out for. They were out of orange vests but gave us some orange tape to wear. 


Got to see some more cool pitcher plants. 

Made it to the password. 

Attempted a family photo then noticed we were standing in FRONT of the beautiful trees... lol so retook it moving to the other side so you can see the scenery. 

Some more hiking around the park. 

Spotted a woodpecker. 

They had a little visitor center we went in to explore, there were some puppets the kids played with. 

Back at our cabin getting a fire made for dinner, our final camping dinner. 

Philly Cheesesteaks and maybe hotdogs (?)


Sweet time with this boy while the others played games inside

Once it got dark we had all the kids come out and we sat around the campfire, we'd been reading and listening to the 5th Harry Potter book so we listened to a couple chapters around the fire - we were able to finish it the next day which meant we could finally watch the movie as a family.

It was a sweet final camping night, but we were all looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and taking a shower. We planned to leave in the morning, go see Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox statues in town, stop for lunch and maybe Cabela's on our way home. Isaac had a flag football game about 3 or 4 we needed to get back for. 

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