Monday, January 29, 2024

3D Printing Projects - winter

Here's what we've been printing lately. 

Mary enjoyed a little knitting loom I brought home from my childhood toys... however it got broken. So I decided to print our town. Unfortunately these two models were not sturdy enough with their pegs and both ended up breaking. I did made a better version you can see further down. 


My Child Life friend had requested a few items so I made her a PacMan set: 

A brain and blood cells


Send a set of these earrings to my bestie for Christmas/Birthday. 

Was playing connect four with Thomas and our base piece has been broken for years, I had been using a tiny rubber band to keep the piece up and realized there had to be a file out there for a replacement! Sure enough there was and it WORKS! Only downside is the two end slots aren't big enough so we have to turn it over to empty it but hey at least it holds them up now!

Made these Santa earring for Mary, Emma, and her friend. 

Isaac is learning CAD in school (computer aided design) and made this in school so we printed it. 

Made a candle ornament to replace the old one in our Jesse Tree Advent set. 

Here's the sturdy loom I've made Mary, hasn't broken yet. 

Isaac played around and made another design. It's rather big so I played around with the infill settings... choose lightening and 10%.... I couldn't believe it was print with absolutely no infill! Just under the base and then barely under the top. 


BUT IT WORKED! It's a pencil holder. 

An ornament I made to honor my dad, for our yearly ornament. This is a Harley bell and I 3D printed the frame around it to denote the year. 

Front, back, and you can see I put a hole in the top to slide the bell hook through. 


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