Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Hawaii Day 4: Drone Photography, Big Beach, Turtles and Atop Haleakala at Sunset

I had tried to fly my drone a couple times before but ended up being in a no fly zone on the northwest side of the island. So I was determined to this day. Our condo had a 'no fly' rule so I stepped off the grounds to get some shots. 

Looking back at Haleakala. 

Our condo, you can see the rock wall that sits right out front of our condo and then the beach just south of that. We'd been able to see turtles flapping around that rock wall so I flew over to take a peek. 

They were pretty camaflouged with the rocks, but once we spotted them they were hard to miss! Can you see them all?!

After the drone flying near our condo we decided to go back to Big Beach that we discovered the day prior. I brought the drone to get some more photos of this beautiful island. 

Down toward the south of the island the waves are much bigger. 

It was fun to capture the kids playing in the ocean from a different angle. 

After some beach time and not *too* much sun we took a break for shaved ice, getting to see the resident rooster. Then our plan was to head up the mountain to hit Haleakala at sunset. We had heard about a distillery that had great wood fire pizza so we planned to hit it for lunch. 

We arrived at Ocean distillery, known for their organic vodka. 

They had a tour starting in 10 minutes so we decided to jump in on that before sitting down for dinner. Learned about the sugar cane. 

Got to see bottles being filled and prepared for shipment. 

Then Kyle and I partook in a tasting of their 3 rums, vodka, and two gins. The kids did GREAT and were super patient, kudos to them. 

We sat down, ordered our food and learned that their famous mai tai is serviced at Monkey Pod... which we'd already eaten at two day prior but would make a trip back just to try the famous mai tai. 

It was gorgeous up on the hill. 

Next we make a quick stop down the road about a mile at a goat farm. We'd spent more time than planned at the distillery so we didn't do a whole goat tour. But we did try some goat cheese truffles. 

Next stop Haleakala National Park! 

I didn't get many photos on the drive up, at least not before we entered into the clouds. I was really hoping to see the ocean from the top. But it was cloudy and I noticed everyday following it was cloudy at sunset...  so maybe that's just a thing. It was still amazing to be above the clouds. 

Stop at the visitor center, but it was closed. 

Continued on up to the peak, where EVERYONE was waiting for the sunset. 

It was chilly, I admit we weren't fully prepared. Threw in the jackets but wore shorts... mainly sat in the fan and popped out every so often to glimpse the sunset. 

Oh bummer this pano turned out blurry. 

The drive back down was breathtaking, almost better than the sunset itself. We ran into a grocery store to pick up bug spray for the next day and some ibuprofen and let Emma pee. I'd had a headache all week and a stuffy/congested nose. Sucked to be dealing with a head cold on vacation but did my best to not let it get me down. I think we picked up something to eat cuz we were all hungry... I can't remember what. But that ended our fourth day. Next day was an early rise for a tour of THE ROAD TO HANA! 


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