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Hawaii Day 3 - Snorkeling at Molokini and more beach time.

Wednesday morning we awoke, enjoyed our view of the ocean, coffee, and breakfast in the condo before heading south to meet up for our catamaran boat tour to snorkel at Molokini crater. We were meeting at Maluaka Beach. 

We arrived at our meet up point but were a bit early so we decided to explore the area in the time we had to kill. We found a sweet little place called Makena Cove which is the southern part of Big Beach. Rooster to greet us near the road where we parked. 

This beach was AMAZING! Big waves, amazing sand, AND we could see Molokini. 

That's where we're headed, Molokini in the distance. 

Kids enjoyed playing this 'chase by waves' game. 

Didn't spend too much time there as we watched the clock awaiting our boat tour meet up. Made it to the spot where about 50 people met up for this late morning tour. They also have a sunrise tour but we opted for the 9:30 one. 

Walked down to the beach to get on the boat. 

Shoes in hand as we waded through water to get on the boat. 

This trip was already turning around. We all LOVED this tour! There was a family of 6 sitting with us on the nets up front. They were from LA, it was fun to connect. 

Goodbye shore for now. 

We saw a lot of these hoover board surfers. 

Keeping our eye out for whales.

It was a full service tour, so we stayed put while they brought us food and drink. First was cinnamon rolls. 

I brought my water proof camera in hopes to capture some amazing views underwater... however as soon as I jumped in it stopped working. The LCD crapped out on me. But these were from the camera. 

When we arrived there were a lot of boats all of which ended up leaving by the time we were finished. 

Than passed out the snorkels and floaties. 

Here we go!

Christmas card quality here :-) 

My one shot of the underwater... it was WAY better than this, lol. We saw SO many fish, sea urchins, eels. The girls hopped out earlier and they got to see a whale pretty up close! 

Snorkeling finished at monokini, we were there for a while. Then they took us to another spot off the Maui shore called 'turtle town' we did see turtles but not in the water. 


Amazing views of Haleakala 

"Turtle Town"

A little riding around, hoping to see whales before back to the beach for de-boating.

Relaxing on the net, fun to watch the water splash below us. 

We landed back where we started. 

So good, highly recommend them! Kai Kanani we joked about doing it the next day, lol. If we are ever in Maui again we will definitely be doing this again!

We were going to find another beach but decided to just hang out at the condo beach. Kids got out the snorkel gear we brought and played in the sand. 

Everyone swimmed for a bit, showered up, played football in the sun, mediated (love this unprompted-ness of Mary meditating), then we went out for dinner. I think this night we just had Mexican at a restaurant down the road. Nothing fancy. 

Marks the end of our first amazing day in Maui! :-) after the hiccups of small vehicle and exhaustion we really started to love this place. 

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