Monday, January 29, 2024

Hawaii Day 1 - Travel

New Years Day we set off on our trip of the year. We booked this trip shortly after Harpo died in conjunction with Kyle's 40th birthday (my 40th that happened the year prior and I had covid during), Christmas celebration, winter get-a-way, and our upcoming 15th wedding anniversary :-) haha celebrating a lot in one, lol. Also working toward that 50 before 50. (visiting all 50 states before I hit 50)

Our flight left late morning, so off the airport we went. Girls and I repping our 2024 earrings :-) 

Goodbye snowy (ish) Minnesota. 

It's pretty cool I captured this photo... as it will come into play later in our trip but I didn't know its meaning at the time. That's our shadow with a rainbow around it. 

Flying over Wyoming. Our first stop was Salt Lake City for a layover. 

Couple hours in Salt Lake City. 

Then back on to the plane for the leg over the pacific. 

Had to fill out this form to enter into Hawaii. 

Approaching Maui! Sunset. 

We arrived and found our car. Because of the recent fires we wanted to try and support the local community as much as possible. So we booked a car through a service suchlike AirBnB. The guy was very friendly and had left the car in the parking lot. It's through a secure app. However it was much smaller than anticipated. While it fit 7 people and had a third row... once the third row was up there was literally NO room for our luggage. Kids had to squeeze in so we could make it to our condo. 

Made it to our condo. Thankfully there was a restaurant on the main level (Indian food) so Kyle order carry out and brought it back up while we got settled in and ready for bed. While it was only 8:00pm local time it was in the middle of the night for us. 

That was day 1 - travel day. 

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