Saturday, May 26, 2018

Birthday Celebration continues (part 2 of 3)

We wanted to do a special date with the girls because we've never been alone with them. We've taken them one at a time on errands with either Kyle or myself, but we had never been together just the three of us. So we had a babysitter come to watch Isaac, Thomas, and one of the girls - while we took the other and had a special date. 

With Mary we went bowling. She was so excited and kind of onry at first. As if she was acting our for attention but realized we were so patient with her and were giving her all our attention no matter how she acted. She was so excited. It was also a special treat to ride in 'daddy's car' they love riding in the beamer and there isn't room for everyone so they don't get to ride in but once a week or every other week maybe. Kyle and I got to enjoy some delicious coffee at Bryant Lake Bowl. 

We went back home, I nursed Thomas and got him down for a nap and switched out girls :-P We weren't sure what to do with Emma and of course she wanted to do what Mary did... but we didn't really want to do a whole other round of bowling so we gave her the option of paddle boats or min-golf (both in the same place). We did two holes of mini-golf and she says "okay I'm ready for the boats" ha! It didn't work that way, but she dealt with it and had a good time.

She prefered to take her ball and putter closer to the hole and put it in. Kyle and I had a nice game and kept our score. It was almost like a date with just one kid along, :-P

A few days later I overheard Emma in the car "golfing is hard".

It was lunchtime and we hadn't planned that out yet... Emily had already fed the kids back home when we texted so we just ran into Whole Foods to grab ourselves some lunch. Emma enjoyed this nice big pretzel.

Our final celebration will be their party, but the place we're having it at didn't offer May parties so we had to schedule in June. To be continued.... (they sure are lucky to get so many celebrations, but I will give them the fact that this is the first year we actually celebrated. Last year we did a small thing just family and the year before that we were selling the house and had professional photos done of the house so I couldn't even decorate for them. And their first birthday.... HA no one remembers a first birthday with twins. Luckily I blogged about it) :-D

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