Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 years old

girls 3rd birthday-7

I got the house decorated and presents wrapped the night before. The girls really enjoyed waking up to streamers on their door and balloons in the hallway. They were entertained with the balloons pretty much all morning.

Once we made it downstairs Isaac and Emma played with the new puzzle. Emma has been really into puzzles lately and doing really well at them. I decided to leave this out instead of wrapping it so they could play with it in the morning.
girls 3rd birthday-1

girls 3rd birthday-5

Got some traditional age block photos.

Breakfast with more balloons.

I had picked up this fun chalk board in the dollar bin at Target. I used a chalk marker to fill out Mary's and quickly discovered when I went to clean it that it was a mistake. After much elbow grease I was able to get it cleaned off and used regular chalk for Emma's board.

Mary's board reads:
I Love: Baby, Emma, Tanner
I don't love: This
My Favorite Food: Mac n Cheese, Raisins
My Favorite Movies: Spickable Me (Despicable Me), Moana
My Favorite Books: Opposite, My Frozen, Colors
Best Friends: Loggie, Tanner, Isaac

Emma's board reads:
I Love: Baby, Mom, Dad
I don't love: trash can (she didn't quite get this one so I asked "what is yucky?" and that was her answer)
My Favorite Food: Snack, Cereal, Crackers
My Favorite Movies: Moana, Spickable Me (Despicable Me)
My Favorite Books: Polka Dot Pants, Pirate
Best Friends: Mary, Emma, Isaac, Daddy


We had a fun morning of playing and painting then headed to our Wednesday morning music class. (Mary's hair! I attempted to put some stuff in it to tame the curls, but I'm at a loss)

The kids love music and sing a ton at home, in the car, everywhere... but actually AT music class is a different story. It takes Isaac a while to warm up even though I know he loves it and leads the girls in his own musical ensemble at home. Here is his serious face during instrument time.

After music we came home, had a quick lunch, Isaac hopped on his bus for school and the girls went down for a nap. I did too! Then we woke from nap, went and got Isaac, picked up some puppy tails at Isle Bun & Coffee and met a friend at a nearby park.

Kyle had biked to work and had a chiropractor appointment near this park after work so he met us at the park and hung out for a bit with us. Then we loaded up his bike on the van and ran it home.

We left the park and had dinner out at a little jewish deli we'd been wanting to try in our neighborhood. It was good, expensive, but really good. And the kids all ate well, which there was cake on the line so that might have had something to do with it haha.

We came home and the girls opened up presents.

Isaac was so sweet and brought down a toy of his the night before as we were wraping the gifts. He said "They always come in my room to play with these so I want to wrap them up and give them to them" so sweet!

And as you can see in the video he was pretty excited for them to open them. The only toys they got!

girls 3rd birthday-10

girls 3rd birthday-12

New outfits from Grandma Cindy

After presents we got the cakes out.
When I asked them what kind of cake they wanted Mary's main answer was chocolate chips as well as vanilla (Emma wanted chocolate) so I went with two little ones and added chocolate chip cookies to the sides. Oh and I put their names on them.
girls 3rd birthday-13

girls 3rd birthday-15

girls 3rd birthday-19

girls 3rd birthday-21

girls 3rd birthday-22

girls 3rd birthday-23

girls 3rd birthday-24

 and sang happy birthday:

Even with two tiny cakes we still have so much left over!

The girls were hyped on sugar, but we managed to get them in the bath and in bed after calling a couple grandparents. They were up for quite a while jabbering and reading their new books. Only took 3 or 4 times of going back into their room and reminding them to go to bed. Mary typically goes to bed first and gets on to Emma for continuing to talk or sing or make noise. Emma is a night owl and likes to stay up and read to herself. On the flip side, Mary wakes up first and most times doesn't wake up Emma, but this morning (the day after their birthday) she did wake up Emma and boy was she unhappy about that. Emma will sleep in til 8 if she's tired... Mary is usually up by 6:15 or 6:30. They have a light that turns green at 6:45 and they are instructed to stay in their room until the light turns green. From the sounds of it and what Isaac reports is that Mary hollered out "The light is green" as soon as it turned which woke up Emma.

Here is Mary wearing her crown that was in the card from Grandpa Del before bath last night.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Such a fun day! I can't believe they are 3 already.

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