Friday, May 26, 2017

Last Weekend Fun

We've been having lots of rainy days lately. Seems like the weekends I work it's beautiful weather and the weekends I don't, well are cold and gloomy or rainy. Last Saturday was a rainy day. TBall was cancelled, Isaac's new school picnic was cancelled, and Kyle's softball was cancelled.

We did some chores around the house Saturday morning which felt great to knock off our list. Then we headed to the science museum. With tons of other people. Lately when we've been going it's been just before closing so we have the whole place to ourselves but not this day.

The kids got to do some hands on activities: Isaac made a balloon rocket.

Mary & Emma made buttons:

Then we went to watch an ocean Omni movie.

Sunday was pretty dreary as well. The CSA we signed up for (Treasured Haven Farms) was having their spring bonus farm day so we made the hour and fifteen minute drive up north to visit the farm.

The kids got to run around the greenhouse while we picked out some herbs and veggie plants. We didn't take much cuz we don't have much room. I was planning on a pot garden this year, but this trip sparked us to go ahead with our eventual plan of a raised garden bed. So once we got home we measured and ordered the size I wanted off amazon.

We ended up getting:
JalapeƱo pepper
Sweet banana pepper
Egg plant

The farm was pretty muddy but the kids did get to see and ride the tractors

And see the turkey and chickens.

Our garden bed arrived Wednesday evening so we picked up some soil and put it together on Thursday morning.

We are in process of' backyard woodchip removal' project. Luckily the thick layer of weed barrier makes this a project that can be spaced out over time because it's not a muddy mess when it rains. We will leave the barrier til we're ready to lay sod.

Upon removing a spot to place the garden I discovered under this weed barrier is another layer of woodchips and ANOTHER layer of plastic weed cloth! Oh joy. With numerous steaks in the ground. This backyard project is going to be fun once we actually get to it. ::eye roll::

Finally got to ready ground/dirt and got the box in place. Kyle filled it with the bags of dirt as I got our veggies planted.

I already had two tomato plants, a strawberry planter and mint plant. I moved the cherry tomato plant to the garden and left the other in the pot.

Here are my herbs:

We have basil inside in the click and grow planter I got for Mother's Day.

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