Saturday, May 26, 2018

Nature Hike

Was feeling a need to get out of the daily rut of errands, errands, errands. So I wanted to do something fun with the girls. Decided to hit up google images for a nature scavenger hunt and printed one off Wednesday morning. We got out some bags and set out on our way. Love being able to stay in the neighborhood but have so much to explore. The girls had such a blast too! Mary called it our 'field trip'. Proud mom moment. I don't always have the patience to be creative but I'm glad it doesn't take much to make fun memories that they will remember. 

This was our corner, collecting a green leave and watching the bird walk by. 
 We took the wood trail down to the lake. I love that part of the walk, our typical after dinner walk, which looks like I didn't get a single photo of! I took a short video I shared on my Instagram stories. I also spotted a DEER! We see deer a lot in our neighborhood, but it's still always super exciting. We don't usually see them on this forest trail but I was standing quiet for a moment sharing the above video I mentioned then I heard him run off to my left.

We made it to the water and sat for a bit, listening to the birds chirping, watching the ducks swimming and just being outside.

Tried to get a photo of the girls together, Emma kept pushing Mary aside because she wanted a photo by herself ::eye roll:: sisters!

We walked along the water path to a grassy area with a dock. We went out on the dock and found a spider web, then we had a little snack while Thomas took a snooze. Oh the other reason for wanting to get out was Thomas had a fever, poor guy and I knew he'd enjoy resting in the stroller.

Our fav: Ants on a Log. Emma lined up her chocolate chips and I thought it was funny how she squeezed as many as she could.

From there we traveled up to the porta-potty for a pit stop. Love that we go for a walk from our house to use the porta-potty. Then I got a call from a cub scout leader (I had inquired about cub scouts for Isaac) The girls dilly-dallied in the grass while I chatted on the phone with the guy. Collecting more things for their bags.

Our list was pretty well complete except a few things. Here's a few items we need to add for next time that we saw on this walk.

Baby buddy munching on some veggie straws after his nap.

We went out on another dock, then Mary needed to poop so it was time to walk straight home. We saw ANOTHER deer and a tiny baby fawn! The photo isn't that great because I zoomed in to try and see them but if you can see here the fawn was SO tiny!

We got home with almost finding everything.

Then we went to the curb to wait for Isaac to get off his school bus. The girls had a fun conversation while waiting <3 p="">

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