Sunday, May 6, 2018

Florida Vacation Day 6, 7, & 8

Monday morning (April 2nd) was day six. It was another amazing morning run, but this time I did less running and more of my video workout. I ran up to the beach, by this great sign. 

And did 9 rounds of my cardio flow workout from 80 day obsession. It was amazing. Man I wish how this could be my workout space EVERYDAY!

Had some fun capturing moves after my workout.

Then did a cool down run back to the house. Once I got back Kyle left and went for a beach run as well. He didn't pack running shoes so he ran on the sand barefoot, doing sprint between the sand volley ball court poles. We stayed around the house that morning and had our own little egg hunt in the backyard. 

Each kid had a specific egg color and they were instructed to only collect their color egg. I actually hid them verses the zoo hunt where they were just thrown out into the hay. It was fun.

During naps, Thomas and I made a trip to the grocery store.

We went to the beach that evening

We were finding shells. Thomas loved being down by the water and listening to the waves.

Thomas mainly slept on either Kyle or I while we were at the beach (this made it easy), when he was awake he was very into putting everything in his mouth, there was some sand ingested.

Dinner that night was just at the bar place a block from our house. We had thought they had better food than they actually did, but it worked out fine. The kids shared a pizza, Kyle had fish tacos and I had a plain salad with fish on it. 

Tuesday morning (April 3rd) we went back to the beach. We had a short walk, maybe 3 blocks.

Love Miss Mary here, showing off her sassy attitude. (oh and the place we ate at the night before is right behind them: Brus Room)

We actually got a family photo!!

Isaac loved the water. He was in the ocean pretty much the entire time we were on the beach.

We had lunch at the beach but came home for naps. Thomas and I got to relax in the hammock.

That evening we were going to go to a park but there were some scattered showers. We ended up going to eat and thought about going to the park after dinner. We went to this Mexican restaurant pretty close to where we were staying but across the bay. It happened to be Taco Tuesday night and it was PACKED. It took forever to get seated and another eternity to get our food, so by the time dinner was through it was pretty late and we were ready to get back and go to bed; so no park visit that evening. 

Wednesday morning we returned to the lighthouse park we'd passed the night before. This was across from Hillsboro Lighthouse

Isaac got to play some catch, which he loves.

Felt SO good to be outside playing again. The Minnesota winter was long, and little did we know it was going to be even longer once we returned home.

After the park we had lunch at a place we thought was a local fresh food place, but turned out to be a chain with fried chicken, haha. Luckily they had grilled chicken too. It was pretty much a souther Chick-fil-a. :-D Then that afternoon we went back to the beach for one last water play.

Wednesday night dinner was leftovers to try to clear out the fridge before our travel day the next day.

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