Saturday, May 26, 2018

Kitchen Faucet

I am backed up on posts, maybe I can bust out a few to get caught up.

After using the sink at the Florida house, I realized how much I missed a good spray handle. If you remember, we replaced the faucet at our old house and I loved being able to just pull down, turn the sprayer on and have that feature.  This faucet had the pull out feature and the spray feature, both of which just didn't work very well. So we decided to upgrade. 

We got a new one at... ready for this of all places??? Costco, lol. Yes! It actually has a touch-less feature that is pretty nice and I'm glad we have that but it wasn't the reason for the purchase. Mainly just lack of selection. It took us a while to get the OLD one out. Isn't that usually the case. I think it was like 3 hours or something and then only 20 minutes to get the new one installed. House projects are just not easy when you have four kids... but we figured it out and with the help of naps and the TV were able to get it done in one day. 

Here is the mess of the old faucet. Pretty much cut it apart in order to get it out!

And here's the before and after (old faucet on top, new faucet on bottom)

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