Sunday, May 6, 2018

Florida Vacation Day 9 ~travel day~

Thursday morning was our last day, we woke up and got the house around. Stripped the beds, packed our bags, and made our way to the restaurant right by the beach for breakfast. 

I love this picture, such a goof. He got the amazing french toast. This was similar to a french toast I used to always order at Uptown Cafeteria in Minneapolis. SOOO good, there some creamy goodness in the middle. Yes I did have a bite :-)

Thomas in a make-shift napkin bib.

After breakfast we were all checked out of our house so we drove a mile or two down the road to this park we didn't realize was so close, haha.

It was right off the beach!

There was a jetty we walked out on. We're dressed for returning to Minnesota, so it was rather warm out in the sun.

Love these guys. Mary's hair is great! Blowing in the wind.

And wind the other way, blowing their hair back.

Back to the park before it was time to head to the airport.

We returned the rental van and called an uber to take us to the airport. The kids were pretty excited to be sitting all together. AND the uber driver had a whole basket of snacks/treats they were able to choose from.

We had more time this go at the airport than we did when we left Minneapolis. Which was good, we wanted more time than the opposite. We found a place to get lunch, we were all pretty hungry and getting cranky at this point. We were tired. Thomas spiked a fever a couple nights before and we hadn't gotten good sleep the past few nights. The kids were getting tired too but wouldn't admit it. They were too excited to be there so they were going to bed late and still waking up early. We were just ready to be home. We weren't sure about Thomas's fever until we got home to actually take it but he ended up having one for about a week. Then his ears were bugging him and were oozing a few days before his well visit check up for his 9 month appointment. At the check up the doc said his ears looked fine now but one had appeared to have probably burst with an infection but was on it's way to healing now. That was a few weeks ago, he is fine and dandy now :)

Sitting at the gate, Isaac was reading his book and holding Thomas's foot, so sweet. I had to sneak a photo.

Of all my children, this girl keeps us on our toes. Only once did she wonder off and we thought we lost her again, but she came back.

Thomas enjoyed getting some movement in while we waited.

Mary, Emma, and Kyle spent most of the waiting time looking out the window watching the planes. The girls were pretty excited and jabbered away.

On the plane (caught Isaac mid blink in this photo, lol)

They were all so good on the plane. We got many compliments at the end of each flight about how good they all were. They loved riding in the plane.

Home again, home again. I talked Kyle into letting me get this cart for him. Four car seats (well 2 seats and 2 boosters) plus a huge checked back and three carry on bags deserves some help! Emma is pushing her own, and Isaac pulled his own so that was helpful. Each time we do this it's just going to get easier and easier. Hopefully next family flight we will only have one car seat, surly both girls can be in boosters on the next trip.

Overall it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. It's always worth the effort and exhaustion to create (hopefully) lasting memories that the kids can look back on and remember. We had a good time and were all thankful to be sleeping in our beds. Even if it was 12 degrees the next day and the following week we were in for a record breaking blizzard... that's home for ya right. Makes the beach trips that much more special :-)

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