Saturday, May 26, 2018

Birthday Celebration - the girls are 4!

(**again I got actual photos with their age blocks on my nice camera but getting this posted before I got them off that. Will add those later)

Mary is kind and thoughtful. She has a mothering instinct and is always looking out for others. She LOVES babies and her baby brother, borderline smothering her Love is so great for him. ☺️ She is sensitive and stubborn which makes her strong and opinionated. She stands up for her wants and desires. She is my most strong willed but at the same time probably the most sensitive of all my kiddos. She loves to play independently, ride her bike, read books, and paint. She loves Mac and cheese and her strawberry daily sunshine. She loves to swing and sing. Mary is such a joy to our family. We love her so much.
Mary 4 years-1

I made the girls a special cake for their birthday!

Emma has a free spirit. She is bursting with joy, enthusiasm, and spunk for life. She loves to be loud and happy. She loves singing and squealing; when I think of pure joy, Emma’s face comes to mind. She can be demanding and high maintenance but that makes her strong and decisive. She loves helping and making things good. She is a night owl and loves to sleep in. She’s a chatterbox and silly. We love the spice of life she brings to our family.

Emma 4 years-9

Emma 4 years-5

Thomas took an amazingly long nap, I let the girls watch a movie and I got their bed put together! I was really wanting to get it done so they could sleep in it the night of their birthday :-) And I did!

I got it finished and Emma says "Where's my bunk bed?" She wasn't keen on sleeping on the bottom at first, but we made it fun how it would be like a little cave. She likes it now.

One goal for doing the bunk (which it's a low bunk) is to try and separate them a little to make bedtime or naptime go smoother. Emma likes to chatter and stay up and Mary likes to sleep. So hopefully this way Mary can get her rest without Emma bugging her. Not sure it's working as well as we'd hope but I think it is better.

Here's there cake, it was amazingly good, well in my opinion and Isaac's. The girls weren't as in love with it as I had hoped. They each wanted a separate color of frosting of course so I did both.

We did some presents before dinner:

Then we went for a walk to Yum for dinner. A little bakery/restaurant in our neighborhood.

They are so gorgeous!

Then back home for cake and candles!

So I ended up putting one of the foot rails on wrong and it cracked when I screwed it in. So the next day while they were in school, Thomas and I went back to Ikea to get a replacement part (and light bulbs). I got the step replaced and got their lights up the following night. They LOVE having a little light to read by and since there are two they aren't yelling at each other to turn the light off.

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