Friday, May 4, 2018

Florida Vacation Day 5 EASTER!

Easter morning came, we had little goodie piles for the kids. I didn't pack their baskets due to luggage space, but it was still fun without the baskets. Glad I had picked up some odds and ends randomly in March, otherwise I probably wouldn't have done much since we weren't home. They got some bunny slingshots with snowball-balls, stretchy toys, a chocolate bunny, and some books.

Attempt at a group photo "Mom the sun's too bright", lol.

We knew we wanted to go to the Miami Zoo while visiting. We even purchased a MN Zoo membership because that entitled us to a discount at the Miami Zoo. We had asked the kids if they wanted to go on a week day when it might not be crowded (our choice) or on Easter Sunday and attend the egg hunt event they had. Well the kids picked Easter, so we drove the hour or so drive down to the zoo... it was pretty crowded but not horrible. It was just warm for sure!

Made our way to the Egg Safari event... the sun was blazing!

Kyle waited in line (yes that massive line behind them) with the kids while Thomas and I strolled back and forth along the sidelines.

The had the 'hunts' separated by age groups, Isaac was able to go first with his age group. (he's in the blue hat)

Then the girls got to go with their age group:

Little red faces, they were HOT!

Then it was time for them to dig into their egg goodies.

 Next we got to exploring the zoo. Lots of tired feet. 

Emma was excited to see the alligator.

Thankful for the stroller that the house we were renting had. It was nice to have it along. We were going to rent another zoo stroller for the girls but they were all out :-(

Lunch break by the elephants.

The Rhinos were hiding in their bath water.


Long day in the heat, at least it was a little break from the sun. We loaded up in the warm van and drove back up north to Deerfield beach area. We went straight to the house, then walked up to a nearby restaurant and put our name on the wait list. It was just a block or so from the beach so while we waited for our table we went to peek at the ocean.

I got a super cute photo of the kids but my camera was acting up and the lens was foggy for some reason. The edit helped a little...

Love these guys!

Thomas ended up having a poopy diaper and of course we didn't have anything with us. So while we waited for our table I went back to the house to change Thomas and met them at the restaurant. Kyle got the text just as I was coming back but since it took him 6 minutes to get back instead of 5 the lady gave our table away  ::grrrrr:: but it wasn't much longer and we were FINALLY seated.

We ate at The Whale's Rib which was featured on drive-in, diners, and dives. I had some really good dolphin!

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