Friday, May 4, 2018

Florida Vacation Day 4

Saturday morning Isaac lost his second tooth! And if you're wondering, yes the tooth fairy visits in Florida. :-) So far he's lost both his bottom middle teeth.

Emma enjoying a 'chocolate milk straw' at breakfast.

We decided to take a break from the beach (and sun, our virgin Minnesota skin was needing a break) and drive about 15 minutes away to a park we discovered the day before on our drive to the Wildlife Refuge. This park was called Sugar Sand Park and it was a pretty neat park!

It's been a long winter and a long while since getting to be outside at a park, Mary was in heaven to be in her beloved swing again!

They had lots of cool science stuff. This was a solar system maze and there were these info boards on each planet.

Thomas getting to try out the swings for the first time. He looks happy here, but he wasn't actually a fan.

More a fan of crawling and standing in the tunnel.

 After some playtime we had our packed lunches then the kids got to go around the carousel.

Some camera fun back in the van.

More camera practice back at the house.

We spent the evening cooking at home and relaxing.

We even colored some eggs! Since Easter was the next day. When we originally planned this trip we didn't realize it fell over Easter weekend, we were mainly concerned with spring break and airline ticket prices. It wasn't until a few weeks before we realized we'd be there on Easter Sunday. I packed some of the basket goodies I had picked up the month prior and we picked up a few more things at the dollar store, one being egg coloring kits :-) They loved it. 



And this one is upside down... if I had time I'd fix it but if I'm ever going to get these blogs posted I need to keep moving forward :-D

 Fun evening playing at home.

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