Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Florida Vacation Day 2 and 3

So as I mentioned in my other post, I was in the middle of a test group program for the company I work for: Beachbody. I was around day 65-70 of 80 day obsession. I had moved my workout calendar around to accommodate being on vacation. I did the heavier weight workouts earlier in the week and saved the cardio days and lighter weight days for on vacation (packed my loops, sliders, and a resistance band). So Thursday morning I decided to mash up my cardio and go for a run. It had been FOREVER since I went for a run, literally forever haha. I don't think I had run since before the girls were born. But since I have been working out it wasn't that big of a deal and felt amazing! I ended up running up to the beach and along the sidewalk. I stopped here to do a few rounds of cardio flow (an 80 day obsession cardio workout) It felt so GOOD! Wish this was my view every morning ;-)

I did just a few rounds then continued on a jog. Ended up going north on the sidewalk then cut through to the beach, took my shoes off and did sprints in the sand. Finishing up with some stairs and a jog home. 

After breakfast and Kyle got a workout in, we loaded up for a beach day!

After a long morning at the beach we came home for naps then decided to drive to a park across the canal. The kids weren't too impressed with the park (no swings) but it still felt good to be outside playing.

We had thai for dinner that night, beautiful weather!
Then hit up Target for some aloe and more groceries. Unfortunately the sun zapped my fair skinned family (Emma and I were the lucky ones) and everyone was a bit pink.

Friday we got up and had another beach day. That's what this vacation was for. Although this time we didn't pack the chairs, umbrella, or bring the cart. We learned that there were sturdier umbrellas to rent there and decided to buy a few days at a time and just use that.

We had our big beach blanket with us so we had plenty of space to sprawl out.

Thomas loved sleeping to the sound of the waves.

Lots of sleepy baby photos :)

Isaac loved the ocean!

Emma took this photo, this was at the point that we had lost Mary. She ended up wondering down beach and ended up at the lifeguard stand a little ways down from where we were. 

But we located her so all was well :)

We finished up at the beach and decided to go for a drive. We had hoped the kid would take a van nap, but that didn't happen.

We drove a little ways to a wildlife reserve area, over toward the Everglades. Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Our goal was to see an alligator. Luckily we drove to an area and saw a guy fishing. We didn't think there would be one there, but Kyle asked the guy and he said yes there was one up under the dock. So we got out to take a look. Sure enough he was just hanging out there.

We stopped for dinner on the way home and day three was a wrap.

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