Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kitchen update


Last May we had work done on our back room. At the same time they laid new kitchen floor and opened up a wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Shortly after that we got a new DOUBLE OVEN, which I love!

I then installed a new stainless steel hood in July. Somehow by myself, I think the kids were napping or maybe just being really good:



And just this week we finished it off with getting a new stainless steel french door fridge! We love it!

Here was the before:

The dishwasher is fairly new since we installed it when we bought the house. When the time comes to sell this house we will probably put in a stainless to match the other appliances but until then we will just use what works. We are so excited to finally have an ice maker! Although we don't really use much ice, now we have an excuse to.

I almost forgot. We also replaced the sink and faucet in July. The faucet was leaking and needed to be replaced so we figured we might as well do the whole thing while we were at it.


Nothing is as easy as it seems, we had to cut the sink opening a little larger to fit the new sink


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Lesa Herrmann said...

It looks fabulous, great job!

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