Thursday, December 3, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman

Tuesday we got a little bit of snow. Our first snow, can't believe it's taken this long. On our way to pick up Isaac from preschool I dropped by the house to drop off groceries and saw this squirrel running across the road with a full donut in his mouth! In Kyle's words "lucky bastard". 

There was enough snow I needed to shovel the sidewalk so it wouldn't turn to ice. I got the kids all bundled up which was a task in itself. 

We step outside and there was that squirrel again! Munching away. 

Isaac was very excited to shovel. 

We got our side walk and our neighbor's cleared. Then made a snowman before our fingers were completely frozen. Well I made the snowman. Tried to get a photo but no one would cooperate. Well except Emma she likes getting her picture taken. 

And the aftermath:

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