Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Isaac is 4!

isaac 4 years-4

When Isaac woke up this morning and put on the same outfit he was wearing on his birthday I thought it was the perfect time to get that block age photo we hadn't taken yet!

We have his 4 year check up this Friday; ETA this info:
Height- 43.5" (97%)
Weight- 42.2 lbs (90%)
Everything checked out great. He had his vision and hearing checked. He also got two shots and was so brave sat there by himself with a little fear in his eyes after the first but he held back tears and recovered quickly. Proud Child Life mama. 

Here are some fun Isaac facts.

He is reading and still loves books. His current favorite book is "the berenstain bear books"
His favorite color is "green!"
His favorite food is "chicken nuggets" (he always says that but I don't really think it is... he did eat Korean BBQ last night really good!
His favorite game is "I like to play the new old maid and the new gold fish"
His favorite toy is "I like a lion"... that is more like his favorite animal but that was the answer I got.
His favorite cartoon is "I have two favorite cartoons, one is on the TV that is Daniel Tiger and one is on the iPad and that is Paw Patrol" (he has been watching a lot of Curious George lately too.)
Lately he has been enjoying getting a toy from McDonald's and scanning it in on the McPlay app on the iPad. He likes being able to unlock new games. We collected a lot of the Peanuts Characters from McD's but they don't have those anymore.
He writes his name & is left handed. 
He counts to 20
Knows colors & shapes
And he has good manners, especially at school. 

isaac 4 years-1

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