Saturday, December 5, 2015

Isaac's 4th Birthday

Yesterday Isaac turned 4! Can't believe how fast the time has gone, but everyone says that don't they? He didn't want a party like last year, which was fine. All he wanted was to go to SkyZone with his buddy Logan. So that's what we did! I decorated the night before, which is tradition.
birthday morning-1

The girls loved the balloons and streamers too. Emma was VERY excited about the balloons running around saying "Big ball! Big Ball!" We whipped up breakfast real quick. None of the kids eat eggs but I was making them for Kyle, Grandma, and myself and last minute decided to toss in some green food coloring. Isaac has been big into his Green Eggs and Ham app (was free from starbucks!) so I thought he'd get a kick out of it. 

He did but he proceeded to say "I will not eat them in a box or with a fox! I will NOT eat them!!!" lol well at least it provided entertainment. The girls wouldn't eat them either. They were interesting enough for Emma to try but it came right back out. 

He was excited about his presents so we let him pick one to open before we left. 
birthday morning-4

birthday morning-6

A soccer ball from Grandpa Del
birthday morning-7

We made our way to SkyZone. It was toddler Friday, which was just right (and more reasons why this plan was perfect). The kids immediately took off to explore and jump it was so cute!












Waiting in line to jump into the foam pit



They got worn out pretty quickly, which was good. We took a break for Isaac to open up his presents. 





Then they plowed through to the end of tot time, which was 11:00. After skyzone we went for lunch at Bucca downtown. The girls took short naps in the van on the way, but Isaac wouldn't fall asleep even though he was so tired!

He opened a present from Grandma Judy while we were there, BOOKS!


We had planned on picking up cupcakes on the way home for his birthday but he wanted Bucca's chocolate cake instead. So we got him a 'small' slice of that and he even got to blow out a candle. Looking back we are glad we just did it there because cramming in another stop in our busy day would have put everyone over the edge.


Once we got home we tried naps again. No one would sucumb. Isaac came downstairs and we let him open the rest of his presents. He got some more books from Grandma Judy so we read those.
birthday evening-2

birthday evening-3

birthday evening-4

We got him a big play-doh set which he was ecstatic about and had to play with immediately. 
birthday evening-5

birthday evening-6


birthday evening-12

birthday evening-13

For his last present we facetimed with Grandma Cindy so she could see him open it. Although I don't think she got to see with all the choas going on. No naps meant for lots of noise all afternoon! He got a set of gears which he loved!
birthday evening-18

birthday evening-19

birthday evening-23

We still need to get a photo of him with his age blocks! He's actually napping now, it's a miracle! but I'll do that soon and post it along with photos from the play we saw today. 

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Lesa Herrmann said...

What a perfectly fun day! And that cake looked amazing!

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