Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Two Children Museum Visits

We made two trips to the Children's Museum last week. Tuesday just the girls, Thomas, and I went. We met some friends there. 

Last time we were there we made a little clay bowl for Emma. Well it shortly got destroyed a few days later. So the girls both wanted to make a new one. Which by the time I am getting to this blog they are already destroyed. They don't quite get the word "fragile" yet.

The girls held hands on their own. Four is turning out to be a good year!

Then we made another trip back Friday after school. Kyle had to work late and it was just me so I wanted to fill that lull of time between after-school and bedtime. Isaac was happy to get to go this time. We spent most of the evening in the Dinosaur Train exhibit. Friday evening at 5:00 is the perfect time to go too! Not many people there.

Thomas loved crawling around the tot spot area by the Scramble.

I braved a trip to Cossetta's which is a typical tradition when over in St. Paul. Isaac asked "can we go to that place we get the pasta?" :-) I was a little nervous as this place is usually PACKED but it was early enough I had hope. We got a spot RIGHT in front of the door and luckily there wasn't that long of a line. And we were even lucky enough to get a table on the main floor so I didn't need to haul everyone upstairs. But then of course before dinner was done someone had to pee so we did end up having to go upstairs, but at least we were fed at this point.

Thomas loved the pasta too and helped Isaac get through his massive serving.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

We love Friday nights there, so dead!

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