Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Thomas 11 months and June Misc pics

Trying to capture some of the happy playtime moments. We are coming out of a hard fog, which I can't even remember much. But when I sit down to observe we are in a really good place right now. The kids are playing really good together. Sure there is the bickering but it's minimal. Daily, but minimal. And Thomas is such a joy for everyone. The girls love him and Isaac loves to make him laugh. He really turns any bad day into a good day! So thankful for him, I have NOOOO idea how baby's of the family can end up spoiled :-) haha totally sarcastic. This lil dude is so spoiled with love. 

11 months! He's got three teeth as I write this (at really 11.5 months) He's taking a step or two, but not really walking yet... but crawling FAST! So I know he'll be walking soon, which I'm not in a rush for. He LOVES to eat and is not picky at all. He loves watching his busy siblings and doens't nap much during the day but is sleeping 12 hour stretches as night. I can steal some snuggles every once in a while but he doesn't like to stay still for long. He loves to climb and climb and climb. I don't remember Isaac climbing this much, but maybe because with just one I was playing 1:1 with him more. When it gets close to bed Thomas will be-line crawl to the stairs over and over. I think he's saying "okay my bed is up this way, I'll just take myself" haha.

Thomas 11 months-1

Thomas 11 months-2 

Thomas and the girls were just laughing and giggling as he crawled over them in the tent. So cute!

Second weekend we had a rainy, wet family picnic for my MoMs group (Mothers of Multiples). Glad a few families made it we had five families there. The kids had fun playing in the rain.

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