Tuesday, June 19, 2018

First Week of Summer

We've survived week one of summer. Isaac had his nature camp Mon-Thur last week. His was longer than the girls and went from 9 to 2:30 so it was a nice transition into summer. The mornings were longer with him home and not catching the bus but we still had some of the day with him gone. And he got some energy out with the program. 

The girls enjoyed dropping him off.

Then we took a walk to visit the good 'ol turtle pond that Mary fell into last year. They built a NEW railing! No more falls, the other was just ropes and not much of anything.

Girls had fun playing with all their fun birthday goodies.

Carefree spirits walking up the hill to pick up Isaac.

 Showing off his TWO teeth.

Kids playing good while I folded laundry in the doorway.
 He loves being outside watching his siblings busy busy.

This was Wednesday night, Kyle had a work thing late so we were killing time between dinner and bed. Nice walk down to our beach, which is still blocked off for construction but will be open soon!

Last day of nature camp for Isaac.

And the gorgeous sunset on my drive home Thursday night from my massage therapists.

Friday we hit up the local library for story time

 Thomas loved it.
 And Friday night we had a good friend's birthday bash!

Saturday we made a trip to Mall of America cuz it was a rainy dreary day. Isaac had a mystery ticket from school to use at the amusement park so they rode a couple of rides, while Thomas and I got me some new running shoes. Here they are on the ferris wheel:

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