Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father's Day

Sunday we went for a bike ride. It was a pretty warm day, almost 90 and pretty humid. We weren't sure where we were going to go but we loaded up a picnic and hopped on our bikes. We decided to take the trail downtown to the Mississippi river cuz our neighbor had mentioned a park 'just down at the end of the trail' haha.

We hadn't really gone for a ride since Mother's Day so it was nice to get out. Mary loved it! She loves riding on the tag-a-long bike. 

Riding by Target Field... almost there.

We were all such a sweaty mess but glad to have arrived and dug into our picnic. Getting a family photo and the kids just kept saying "take another, take another" lol. 

Then Isaac said "okay time for a silly one" although they are all pretty silly.

It was fun. They played in the sand at the playground, thomas took a couple steps here and there. He's just doing about 1 and a half at this point. Then we took the ride back. 

Isaac did so good, he was ready to get home, not too happy here but we were almost there. About halfway home the tires on the trailer went flat so the trek home for Kyle was extra hard work. 

It took us 25 minutes to get there and 35 minutes to get home. It was a total of about 9 miles. Isaac's longest bike ride yet! He said "If we ever decide to go that far again we should just drive" lol. I think they all slept hard that night. 

We came home and they vegged out with a movie while we got dinner ready and had some neighbor friends over for brisket. One of Isaac's classmates that lives one block over and they have a daughter a little younger than the girls. It was fun to visit with adults!

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