Tuesday, June 19, 2018

House Stucco

Wow! I started this blog months ago and hoped to finish before now. But this past week it finally was completed. They came back in mid-March to put up the scaffolding. The hope was to get it in place so once the weather was good they could get in and out and be done.

They did do some patching back in March to get the walls ready. There was this lovely bunch of mess that has a shotty patch job over it. There was just a board coving it instead of proper sheath and stucco. So they ended up tearing it all out, replacing the rotted boards and stuccoing over it properly.

There was also this randomness that was probably the cause of a draft behind our living room cabinets. They took that out and patched it up.

Holes from where the scaffolding was put in place.

And here are the before pictures

The garage roof was not flashed properly so they tore up the stucco there and pieces apart the roofing to get it flashed right.

The patches were all done before we left for our Florida vacation. Then we waited... we returned home and had a massive snow storm which pushed them back. He had taken his guys off unemployment then had to put them back on due to the snow storm, then take them off again and they were pushed way back for time. 

But they came back June 7th and were done in four days! Looks like a whole new house now!

They started on the south side and finished that whole side in one day. Took the scaffolding down that day too. We were so used to the scaffolding it was just nice to see it gone, lol.

That Friday they did the front of the house.

We also had them remove that rotting railing on top of the front door landing. Looks so much better without it.

 You can see the difference here!

 (Now we need to get our front steps redone, blugh)
 Before and After!

Last summer when my brother was visiting we installed a new front light and took down our house numbers. I had made some white numbers on my silhouette cameo to serve as temporary numbers, cuz I knew we'd put new ones up once the stucco was done. So we ordered a plate and got it put up... except the darn screws broke off!!! It's in there good and solid but now has these screws sticking out on both side. BOTH screws broke! Oh well!

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Lesa Herrmann said...

What a project, it looks great!

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