Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Around the House

There has been lots of coloring going on lately. Found these old workbooks of Isaac's when I was tearing apart the house in search of a missing pair of scissors (don't worry they were found, under the train table). But I found these workbooks that the girls are big enough for. Of course Isaac got home and saw them and insisted on finishing them. 

Thomas doing some reading, preparing for his trip :-D

The love of a baby is something special. I ran outside to get the grill going for dinner and he doesn't let me get too far away. Smiling with pure joy to see me coming back inside.

Waiting patiently while I get dinner going.

Isaac had a field-trip to an old century farm. His teacher sent this picture to all the parents.

The girls spend lots of time in this swing, so glad we got it last year.

We try to spend as much time outside as possible. Brought the sensory table outside

And of course the colors come outside too.

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