Friday, May 13, 2016

The Twins turn Two!

Well just had this entire blog written and it all got deleted. Pretty much sums up my life lately.
Anyway Not going to type it all out so you only get photos and videos. 

We dropped Isaac off at preschool and went to Southdale mall with a friend for some play time. We were majorly late so originally plans got cancelled. 

Enjoyed some cookies

Picked up Isaac and went to Costco for a quick run. We had to be out of the house for a showing and then professional photos of the house. So it worked out to have lunch there and Emma wanted a "hot dog". But we had to wait ten minutes for them to finish cooking. Then the lady gave everyone else a hot dog so we had to wait ANOTHER five minutes.

THEN the girls took a short nap in the van while I drove around we decided to go to the children's museum. Only to walk in and the lady says "Did you know we close at 4?" well no I didn't because it was 3:45. But we got to play for ten minutes anyway.

 Ghost town.

Isaac did get to help drain the bubble table.

So since I failed at another birthday adventure we stopped at the candy store next door.

Then we met dad in uptown for Korean BBQ. The kids were absolutely going nuts. Must have been the candy kicking in.

We finally got home and the girls opened their presents.

Opening Grandma's present:

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