Wednesday, May 11, 2016

House Work - Busy Bees

Could we be any busier? I think not. What a last week it's been. We have been working hard to get our house prepared to be listed tomorrow. They came out yesterday to take photos and they look amazing! Here's the link to our virtual tour:

In the mean time I wanted to share all that we have done. We installed a new stainless dishwasher, had to buy a new furnace, painted our dining room, touched up all the trim and nicks throughout the house. Re-caulked the bathroom, stained the deck & installed code compliant handrail, finished the trim in the the living room, installed new outdoor lights, replaced front room vent registers to white.... oh and still taking care of our three children under 4. A friend of mine did watch the kids one day so I could get a few things done. But other than that it's just us, keep pushing forward out of this valley.

We are getting the garage roof replaced will should be happening this Friday. 

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