Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Training TBall

Isaac participated in a three week spring training t-ball session at a park near our house. It was so fun to walk there on Saturday morning and cheer him on. The girls loved it too. I'm a little late getting things posted so I will just post all three weeks together.

First Practice: April 23rd

Dakota Park TBall 1-11

Dakota Park TBall 1-14

Dakota Park TBall 1-17

Dakota Park TBall 1-20

Dakota Park TBall 1-30

Dakota Park TBall 1-31

Dakota Park TBall 1-35

Second Practice: April 30th
It was pretty chilly this day, not as nice of a day as it was the previous Saturday. The wind was pretty strong and really cold.
Second TBall training-1

Second TBall training-4

Second TBall training-6

Second TBall training-17

Second TBall training-19

Some good ground ball practice with his best bud:
Second TBall training-24

Second TBall training-25

Second TBall training-27

Outfield catching
Second TBall training-31

Second TBall training-33

Second TBall training-37

Batting practice
Second TBall training-40

Isaac batting video:

Second TBall training-44

Running the bases video:

Third and final Practice: May 7th
Just like the week prior, it felt much warmer at our house than it did at the ball park. The wind was a little chilly, although it was warmer than the previous week.

A little warm up catching and throwing
Third TBall Saturday-2

The girls of course wanted to go straight to the playground
Third TBall Saturday-4

Then some grounder practice
Third TBall Saturday-8

Third TBall Saturday-10

Now it's time to practice running the bases before they do a real practice game round.
Third TBall Saturday-14

Third TBall Saturday-17

Isaac kept running to home even though they were just doing one base at a time.
Third TBall Saturday-20

Emma playing in the dirt
Third TBall Saturday-26

Third TBall Saturday-28

Third TBall Saturday-34

Video of Isaac batting:

Third TBall Saturday-39

Third TBall Saturday-44

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