Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Girls turn ONE!

Last week the girls turned one! It was also Mother's Day weekend, which is going to be an ongoing occurrence most years. I had to work that weekend but took Sunday off to celebrate as a family. The weather wasn't as nice on Sunday so Saturday we went to a park to get some photos. For Isaac's first Mother's Day, Kyle took us to a park to get some photos of me and him. This year we wanted to continue that tradition.
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When I got home from work Saturday I got the house decorated for the girls. We were in the middle (and still are, but almost finished) of a house project so things have been a bit cramped. We usually have the girls' chairs on the dining room table but since all the living room furniture was in the dining room we have been out of use of two rooms. I'll post more on our remodel once we have it completed. We got carpet yesterday YIPEE so at least the kids can crawl around in there again as we wait on the last few finishing touches.

Anyway so I put streamers on their door like I do for Isaac and hung the birthday banners. They enjoyed the balloons and streamers the next morning.
IMG_8010 IMG_8011

IMG_8012 IMG_8013 IMG_8016

We debating on going to church but work up late so decided to skip and just hang out as a family. We did presents in the morning downstairs, they each got a baby doll and a glow worm.
birthday cupcakes-4



IMG_8019 IMG_8022


They weren't fond of their hats, haha





Emma with her babydoll:

We sadly discovered a few splinters in the tops of their feet from the previous day at the park. Must have gotten them when they were crawling on the boardwalk. We were so sad. We were able to pull most of them out, Mary had just a few and Emma had quite a few. There was one good one in Emma that we weren't sure if we got it all out, but it seems to be doing fine now, just looks like a scab.

After nap we went to Southdale to give them the chance to crawl around a play. Since they aren't walking yet (taking a step here or there but not walking, which is fine by us!) parks can be hard since most flooring of parks are woodchips. This mall play space was fun and the padded steps and slide were a blast for them. And after the splinter incident we were sure to put them in shoes!


Emma giving Mary a hug:


Then we thought they would enjoy a hibachi dinner and they did!



Emma and her glowworm before bed

Kyle had taken the following day off (Monday) because he had one vacation day to use up and to get some paint done on our back room. We decided to go to another mall's play place for a quick visit in the morning

Emma wearing her vintage Nike's that were her daddy's shoes in the early 80's.

Then I dropped him off to paint at home while I took the kids on a van ride nap to get our kitchen flooring. On my way home I picked up cupcakes since we didn't get a chance to squeeze that in on Sunday.
birthday cupcakes-8


IMG_8088 IMG_8089

IMG_8090 IMG_8092





birthday cupcakes-9

birthday cupcakes-10 birthday cupcakes-11

birthday cupcakes-12 birthday cupcakes-17

birthday cupcakes-13 birthday cupcakes-14

I haven't taken their couch/block photos yet because we are still trying to get our living room put back together. I'll get those taken soon and post them with a milestone update.

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