Sunday, May 24, 2015

12 months old

At 12 months (and one week now) the girls continue to develop into amazing little creatures. They are so fun and on the go these days.
12 months-3

12 months-1

Emma's hair continues to grow. It's crazy looking back and seeing pictures when we thought she had so much hair... Not like today and it's just going to get longer. Mary's hair is also coming in, slowly but surely. In another year she might have what Emma has now. 

Emma just popped her first molar, making her tooth count seven. Mary still zero! No sign of one yet. 

They are both crawling and have each taken a step or two but haven't taken off on their own yet, which is completely fine. Mary is standing more so I know it'll come soon. She takes a step or two independently at least once a day the past few days. Emma loves to stand too, but she prefers to lean up against something or stand facing out in a corner. 

They chatter up a storm. Mary loves crawling around the house hollering people's names. Here's a video of her:

She yells out for Emma most of the time, but every once in a while there's an Isaac in there. Or dada, she is pretty fond of him too. It's like she's saying "Emma come in here and get into this with me" "emma I found a new cabinet to tear apart come join me" :-) Emma seems to prefer signs and will wave, sign milk and all done.
12 months-4

12 months-2

Emma uses her pointer finger to inspect things like Isaac used to. Mary uses her middle finger to inspect things.

They both love to eat! Mary favors meat and Emma favors veggies but are overall very good eaters.

Emma still loves to climb and stands up in a high chair whenever she gets the chance. We never really used the straps with Isaac but they are a must with the twins! Unfortunately many restaurants have broken straps on their high chairs! Just today, when we were eating at Potbelly, Emma's strap was broken and she thought it was so cool that she could move about in her chair all she wanted. They are both climbing the stairs well and have even started to go down the stairs backwards (feet first) like they are suppose to. So cute to see them figure this stuff out. Here is a video of Emma this past week at our ECFE picnic. She was so determined to make it up this climbing gym. She fell down half a dozen times before finally making it up the top. It was so cute when she'd slide down and I was attempting to record her sliding down, but as soon as I got my phone out to record was the first time she made it all the way up!

We are just started to see their love for babies and dolls shine through. Emma loves to hug her dolls and poke their eyes, Mary loves to give kisses either to dolls or Emma or Isaac or her friends. Mary also loves photos of real babies.
12 months-5

12 months-6

They also had their one year check up this past week. My amazing friend, Jill, went with us again. She has pretty much been to all their check ups with me because I need another set of hands and Kyle can't take off work every time we need to go in. I am so thankful for her help! We've kinda made it a tradition to go out to "Old MacDonald's" (as Isaac calls it) for lunch afterwards.

Mary is taking the lead with weight and height, scaling in at 20 lbs 7 oz (58%) and 30.75 inches (92%). Her head measured 18.5 inches (92%).
Emma is a little smaller with a weight of 19 lbs 5 oz (40%) and 29.5 inches (58%). Her  head measured 19 inches (99%)

12 months-7

12 months-8

Isaac was so cute and wanting to be helpful when we got their couch pictures this week. He pulled out his blocks too. He wanted to get a picture with his sisters but they were no having it. This was the best I got... I thought I got a couple more but when I was going through the photos on my disc this was the only one of Isaac. He is such a sweet big brother.
12 months-11

Here they all are on the rocking chair from newborn through 12 months with 3 and 6 months in between.

Here are two more funny videos of them playing blocks in Isaac's room. With our living room remodel we have been spending lots of playing time either downstairs or in their rooms. This was just too funny. The first one of Mary I captured Friday. Then Kyle captured the next one of Emma on Saturday.

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