Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wolf pack

167 target center
Last night we attended the Timberwolves game (that's basketball incase you have never heard of them). They aren't the greatest team in the NBA, but we always have a fun time going to the games. We have actually been to a game every season. The first year we lived in Minneapolis, we got multiple tickets through Kyle's employment at the time 'United Way'. Last year we got a few tickets from his current employment, and this year we finally broke down and bought two tickets. Our first purchased tickets, ah we're so proud :-P  hee hee. There was actually a sale on Groupon this past week, so we decided to scoop up the deal. If you haven't heard of groupon I suggest taking a look to see if they offer discounts in your area (and better yet if they do, let me know cuz I get rewards for referring friends!). When you sign up you get an email every morning (weekdays) with the current deal of the day. They are able to offer group discounts to various places when a certain number of people purchase the deal. So if not enough people agree to buy it, then the deal is off. But by the time I check it around noon, the deal is always on. You only have THAT day to buy it so you better think fast, well make up your mind before midnight. This was actually the first purchase I made through groupon.  Okay enough of a plug for groupon.

The moon was big and bright on our 8 minute ride to downtown. Sorry it's a little blurry, I was in a moving car :-)
downtown moon

There was also a full moon INDOORS. This is something new since previous years.

And later in the game they changed it to a howling wolf.
howl moon

So the game began!  Here is Ryan Gomes taking a shot
ryan gomes shot

Here are the cheerleaders at the beginning of the game

And here they are mid game. ::pulling out soap box::  I am not very impressed with what cheerleaders have become these days, well okay dancers... they call these girls the 'Timberwolves Dancers". I, myself, was a cheerleader back when and got to experience first hand how fun and challenging cheerleading can be. I'm not talking about the sidelines ra-ra-ree. But REAL basket tossing - back handspring - going for a straight five minute - difficult dance move - routine type cheerleading. It's a workout and not something everyone can do. But these cheerleaders appeared as if they were scooped up from the local strip joint down the street. I mean seriously! Look at these moves..... all they are missing are the POLES!
strip um er dancers
::putting soap box away::

One of my favorite parts about the Timberwolves games is CHOMPER!
chomper hello
Chomper is the 'mini' mascot. Crunch is the main mascot who is in the typical mascot outfit, but Chomper comes out as a surprise and does a little 'dance'. He's filled with air, so whoever is inside has a hay day with different moves, bouncing on his head, running really fast in Chompers tiny legs. It's hiliarous!
chomper headstand

Timberwolves were ahead the whole game, and toward the end the Clippers were beginning to make a come back. Here Al Jefferson (aka: Big Al) is shooting a free throw... which he made btw.
big al freethrow

The end was getting close, but the wolves pulled through for a win!
final score

One of the most exciting times of the evening, was walking back to our car. Everyone stared in excitment ready for April to get here so the Twins could be seen playing in a REAL stadium.
cant wait

Kyle and I went to ONE twins game, the third day we lived in Minneapolis. It was at the dome, and we were very disappointed - baseball should NOT be played indoors :-( Since then we haven't been back to a Twins game... but now that they have a stadium we will once again become baseball fans! WOO HOO!

Oh and in case you were wondering, or didn't know, Minneapolis is FILLED with skyways, so you don't have to go outside in negative degree weather. The above picture was taken from the skyway right across from the stadium that actually is above a highway leading to a big parking ramp. Catch all that?

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