Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 24

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#162: Holding hands: I wanted to get a picture depicting 'love' to use as my February blog banner. I used a texture to give it a little more 'umft.

#163: Neti Pot: I had to try out this whole Neti Pot I had been hearing about. My nose had been stuffy/running the past few days and I was in need of a cure! I tried this technique out for the first time, rather interesting let me tell you. Not sure if it really cured me, but it did give me temporary relief.

#164: Snow tracks: I came home from work this evening and was getting ready to start to shovel the sidewalk. We didn't really have a lot of snow, but enough that we were packing it tighter with every step. My plan was to shovel the thin layer of snow and put 'ice melt' down to get the sidewalks clear from our week of warmth that caused everything to ice over. I looked out over our front yard and saw these cute little animal tracks. Most likely from bunnies, but they were just light enough to glide across the top, the ground is actually about a foot and a half below the top layer of the snow.

#165: Veggie box: We're always in a rush on Wednesdays having to go from work straight to church for a mentor program we participate in, and we try to squeeze in a time to eat. This night we ate at Fuddruckers, and I so happen to snap this with my camera phone... yeah boring, but it's a picture for the day.

#166: Goodbye Sun: On a chilly 2°F evening I went for a photo walk. I really need to find some good photo walk places because this walk put me on the other side of a hill and I couldn't even see the sunsetting. I guess that is what practice is for.

#167: Timberwolves Game: We attended a Timberwolves game this night against the Clippers. This was the first sporting event I was allowed to take my SLR!!

#168: XCSkis: Another day for cross country skiing. We went to Hyland Lake again to do some of their 'more challenging' trails. It was a beautiful day and we got a great workout in!

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Tish said...

In your hand-holding pic, I noticed that Kyle's hand was "under" and you were "over". Try switching positions - it's awkward.

FYI - I'm under.

Daisy said...

That's funny you say that, I USED to be an under... until I met Kyle. I took a few pictures of us holding different ways, this was the best.. the others even LOOKED awkward, lol.

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