Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 21 out of 52

Here is my 21st week of my Project 365: Year Twenty Seven!!!
Week 21 blogsize

#141: Rose: This rose was part of the flower arrangement my mom sent us for Christmas. I was just playing around with it and added texture in post processing. Some days call for a little photography fun.

#142: Chichen Itza & Camel: We got this little Chichen Itza statue while on our honeymoon last April. Kyle's mom sent him the little camel that he used to play with as a child. This day they became my photo subject as I played with my new telephoto lens.

#143: Frozen Lake: While driving around the lake looking for beautiful shots, I happened upon this pretty branch glistening in the sun. I also got to see lots of ice fishermen out on the ice on a beautiful, sunny Tuesday afternoon.

#144: New Bag: With some of my Christmas mulah I got a new camera bag. I have a small bag I always use, but this one will be nice to keep ALL my stuff in. I got it custom made on, I <3 etsy!

#145: Icicles: I didn't have to go very far to get this shot of the day, it was in the bushes of my neighbors, between her house and ours. I first saw it when I was shoveling our sidewalk and after going inside and warming up a bit I grabbed my camera and came back outside to shoot a few shots of our winter wonderland we call home.

#146: House Slippers: Something we've gotten in the habit of since living in Minnesota is taking our shoes off when we enter the house. We do this year round, but especially in the winter cuz our shoes/boots are covered in snow and slosh. I recently got new boots and was wearing them around the house before I took them outside for the first time, during this 'new boot' stage I had the thought of getting some house slippers. I ran this idea by Kyle and he agreed it'd be nice. We have also noticed a few of our friends bringing their own house slippers when they have come over. So now we have house slippers!!!! They are so comfy!

#147: Frozen Lake 2: Our second time out for cross-country skiing. It was a beautiful 5 degree day. We went to French Regional Park. Unfortunately the trails were pretty poor because they were unable to groom them throughout the week due to the cold, but we still had a good time and skied with a couple of friends.

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