Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Park

I took Harpo for a walk yesterday.

The night before he was sleeping on my belly while laying in bed. Kyle and I were talking and I mentioned the idea of taking Harpo for a walk the next day, as soon as the word WALK came out of my mouth, Harpo's head raised from a dead sleep and he was now WIDE awake. At this point I knew he was long over due for a walk and since the weather has been oddly warm this week, there was no better time to take him out.

On our way to the dog park, the side walk felt like we were walking on a sandy beach.
side walk
This mental image was very helpful on the walk home when my ears were frozen and Harpo was kicking his feet up from being so cold. While at the dog park, there was one other dog there, an 11 month old English Bull Dog, full of puppy energy... well bulldog puppy energy. This dog was SOO cute!
New friend
He would pounce for about 3 yards before giving up and just going back to a waddle. He really wanted to play with Harpo and kept chasing Harpo around, but Harpo was not a fan of this. Just the past few months we have noticed that Harpo has transitioned from the being the 'annoying puppy' to the 'annoyed dog'. He no longer likes to coarse other dogs to play with him, but he minds his own business and gets annoyed when little puppy dogs approach him. He is such a stinker!

On our brisk walk home, excited to get back inside. I did see some squirrels playing around a tree, so I had to stop and get a few shots.
squirrel chase

Squirrels are fun!
one squirrel
two squirrels

Warm Wishes!

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