Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project 365

141 rose

A friend of mine, Sara, told about about this website where you can upload all your pictures during your 365 day project and eventually have them printed. I'm not sure if I want mine printed through this site, make my own scrapbook, or maybe a photo book. But I went ahead and uploaded them to this site. I like how it makes them easier to view as you can see them at a month perspective where as when I post it I just post the week. Luckily I have stayed organized by typing my captions into the copies of flickr, which I just copied into shutter cal so I didn't have to do anymore typing, remembering or journaling. So if you want to check out my project so far, all together, hop on over to My Shutter Cal Page. (I also added the link to the sidebar of my blog).

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