Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Walk: French Park

I was determined to go on a photo walk yesterday. I had my camera in tow and before I left work I looked up two possible parks located between work and home. As I left work the moon was beautiful, and the sun was quickly falling. I drove and drove and tried to find these parks I had looked up. One ended up being a little playground and the parking lot wasn't plowed so there was no stopping there. The other park I was unable to locate. I started to become very discouraged that I was going to drive around and waste the evening without even getting a decent photo. French Park was near by, remember Kyle and I went cross country skiing with some friends there a few weekends ago. I knew they had a walking trail, so instead of wasting the last few moments of daylight driving around I just decided to head toward this park and take a quick walk. 
goodbye sun

I wasn't really happy with the shots I got, I was on the other side of a hill so I couldn't see the sun...
daylight moon
...and I only had one lens with me so I couldn't zoom in close to the gorgeous moon....
berry moon
but I tried to make the most of my walk, I mean that's what a photo walk is for.....
icy trail get better at taking photos and seeing what is out there to capture.
open trail
This last photo was inspired by Yoshiffles of and a shot she took a while ago.

Location: French Regional Park, Plymouth, MN
Date/Time: Jan 28, 2010 5:15-5:30pm

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