Monday, January 18, 2010

Frozen River

After leaving Minnehaha Falls yesterday I drove over by the Mississippi River. I first went to the #1 Lock and Dam that I had went to with my mom while she was visiting this past fall. I knew I could get down close to the water (ice) here to get a good view of the frozen over river.
frozen mississippi
Doesn't it just look so peaceful.
frozen mississippi 2
Not many people are around this area in the winter time, I could tell by the untouched snow around the park benches. This is a rare sign, because it seems like no matter where I go, there is never un-wrestled snow.
winter bench
After leaving the first dam area, I continued north along the river searching for another area to get out and get some pictures. There really isn't any other spot until I got closer to downtown Minneapolis, and then I was able to get down close to the water (ice) again :-)
frozen river
Peace be with you:
frozen river sky

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the mississippi river pictures.
i love the park benches.

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