Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photo Walk: Morning Park

158 cattail
I went on a 'mini' photo walk this morning. I haven't been sticking my camera in lately because it's super cold out and I don't want it getting cold in my car, and I don't always want to lug it into work with me (although some days I do, just not everyday).  Yesterday I saw some beautiful frost on the way to work and was kicking myself that it wasn't a day I had my camera with me. So I stuck it in today, hoping to see that frost again... but of course that wouldn't happen, that'd be too easy. So instead I stopped by a little park a few blocks from work and walked around for about, um, 5 minutes. I stepped in some snow right off the bat and after about 5 minutes my feet were numb.  Great walk, lol, but I did get some okay pictures.
flakey tree crop1

I just loved the texture on the trees. I couldn't get enough, so of course I had to play around with the colors and see what they would look like in black and white.
flakey bark cropB&W

I think I like the color better, just because well, there are so many on the trunk, each shed of bark tells a different story.
flakey bark crop

Thanks for reading!

Location: Lakeview Park, Maple Grove, MN
Date/Time: Jan. 20, 2010 8:25am-8:30am
Temperature: 22°F


Ali said...

I really love looking at your pictures, Daisy. I have serious camera envy.

Daisy said...

Thanks Ali!

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