Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 20

Week 20 blogsize

#134: I don't really have much to say about this photo except Harpo looks so peaceful on his new bed. (which btw, he only sleeps on when it is on top of his spot on the couch, grrr)

#135: Since we don't have gutters on our garage, we get some beautiful icicles this time of year. I took this shot in the evening, but since my shutter was open longer, it made the sky look beautiful, even though what you see in the background is the east sky.

#136: A friend of mine came over who recently got a new DSLR so we were playing with cameras and I was trying to explain a few things to her. This picture was when I was explaining depth of field.

#137: My mom sent us some flowers for Christmas, aren't these beautiful? I love the lights of the Christmas tree behind them. I used one of PW's actions on this photo called old west. I love the soft feel it gives photos.

#138: We are in the car driving to our friends house for New Years Eve. I was just playing around with my camera, I love bokeh and how fun it looks, colorful bokeh is even funner.

#139: This is my friend Sarah playing her piano. Kyle and I went over to her and her husband's house for New Years Eve/Day.

#140: Kyle and I took our first cross country ski lesson this day. This picture was taken on our second lap of Oak Knob Trail. All I had was my phone in my pocket, but that doesn't stop me from getting pictures :-) It was a beautiful day, despite the fact that it was negative 4 at the time of this picture, but that's why we wanted to take up a winter activity. We're not going to let the cold weather keep us inside.

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