Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Thomas's 3rd Birthday

Thomas's birthday was on a Tuesday. We didn't have anything grand planned, just a little home party. When I asked him what he wanted he said a "bouncy house". So we rented one. They delivered it the night before, set it up and it sat deflated in the yard until about 6:30 Tuesday morning, haha. 

I got the house decorated the night before, picked up balloons. We were going to do a Daniel Tiger theme, which turned into Olaf, which turned into Baby Shark, lol. The balloon even sang baby shark when you hit it. 


Morning came, Thomas was excited to see his decorations. 

We had to go get in the bouncy house even before breakfast. 

Bubble machine on and all. Thomas even got a T-shirt from the place we rented the bouncy house. 

After some bounce time I convinced everyone to come in and eat some breakfast. Fruit and cinnamon rolls. 

I set up for the 'party'. When you have four kids everyday is a party, haha. It was nice Kyle is working from home cuz he could join us during his breaks. 

I got the special cake made during all the bouncing. Baby Shark colors, haha. 

Our neighbors came over around lunch time. There are three kids there, one a little older than Isaac then they have a 2 and 3 year old (almost 4) so they all had fun bouncing. Ordered Jimmy Johns delivery for everyone. 

Much needed nap happened and back to sauna bouncing in the afternoon. The big kids couldn't stand the heat so we took turns with Thomas. 

When Kyle got off work we had a little present opening and dinner. It was a busy evening because Isaac had flag football, a baby sitter came over while I had my call for Yoga training. 

He got a shark helmet but we ended up taking it back because it was too small. But hey it fit the theme of the party well. Maybe we can find another one sometime. 

Time for cake!

Fun, exhausting day. Mary was pretty upset we couldn't keep the bounce house forever. They came about 7:00 to load it up. Here is Isaac and Thomas the next day working on his new lego set. Since Thomas is the youngest of four he out grows baby toys fast. We still have the big duplo legos but he prefers the little legos. 

Check out this video of the day: 

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