Thursday, July 23, 2020

Beach Visit

Last Saturday, July 18th we finally made our way out to a beach. It was about a thirty minute drive, cost $8 to get 'in the park'. We found a spot on the beach, when we arrived there was only two other families on our side of the beach, we left just before noon and before it got TOO crowded. 

Funny how in Minnesota when we'd drive thirty minutes to a beach it was a REALLY nice beach and worth the drive... this one not so much. Isaac cut his big toe on a huge rock. There was no bathrooms or parking area. But we got in our beach time and had a good time. Emma was unable to go into the water, we didn't even let her bring her swimsuit. It was her punishment for complaining about going to the beach the previous day. Working on manners and less complaining/whining from her... so if she's going to complain about going to the beach and whine about not going to the Y then she's not going to get to participate in swimming at the beach. 

Kinda emotional getting all our beach gear out and unpacked. First time touching it since we moved and it brought back the flood of memories of me walking the kiddos to our old beach almost weekly. We were so blessed to be so close to the beach. I remember walking there with a huge belly when I was pregnant with Thomas. 

Sunday we went out for lunch at Chicken N Pickle. We had yet to take the kids there. It's a fun place to eat with lots of activities. They actually had BINGO going on while we ate so the kids got to play that. They have pickle ball and lots of bag games around. We ate, the kids played bingo and fuse ball inside. Then outside they had a 'talent show' on the stage with jump ropes and hula hoops. Good times and change up from being stuck at home. Mary is quite the talented hula hooper. 


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