Tuesday, July 21, 2020

4th of July - Home Fireworks

We were warned or told about the fourth of July celebration that takes place on our street. Normally there is a large parade that starts behind the fire truck parked in front of our house and goes down the street of Belmont, since we are at the north end arches. Due to corona, this year was scaled back a big, no after party but the parade still went on (minus the fire truck) We got the kids bikes decorated the day before and they were ready to ride. 

At the end of the parade (4 blocks down to the south arch). They had a fun little firework display. Typically there is a big BBQ at the south end but they discouraged that this year and encouraged for individual yard parties. 

We watched the fireworks then headed back home. 

Over nap time, Isaac and I went to a local firework stand and picked up a haul for our won celebration since all the big firework shows were cancelled this year. We have a lot of trees so we didn't get anything that went to high. We got a mix of day time and night time and lots of chicken stuff cuz that was fun!

Thomas was finishing up his nap and we had some water balloon fun. 

It was good timing cuz I needed to clean out the big tub we used for the chicken brooder so the kids enjoyed a little dunk in it after I got it cleaned out. 

Crazy how they sell water balloons now a days. These hook up right to your hose and you can fill up 100 at one time and then they SELF CLOSE! How amazing is that! Some genius is making a killing on this idea. Sucked picked up all the broken balloon pieces but worth it for a once a year activity. Might have to make this an annual 4th of July thing. 

Chillin' with popsicles afterwards. 

Then we did some daytime fireworks. Letting the kids take their hand at igniting some. 

Dinner then TV time as we cooled off and waited for the sun to go down. It was finally dark enough to start and we got set up in the front yard, first up was some sparklers. This was the kids first time with these. We'd never done fireworks in Minneapolis cuz we would also go to a big show. 

Haha this chicken one was funny and rather uneventful.

They had a lot of fun and we were able to watch the neighbors across the street in-between ours. And down the road a bit. Like I said we have lots of trees so no one right next to us was doing tall ones but we could see them a few streets over through the trees. The aftermath mess: 

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