Thursday, July 30, 2020

Chickens - Photo Timeline at 8 Weeks Old

They have all made it to 8 weeks old :-) Here are their growth photos

Bob and Lila

Bernadette and Anna

Olaf and Elsa

And BeepBeep

They are out for a good part of the morning. We don't feel the need to watch them the entire time now so I'll let them out of their run when I open their coop door and they will peck the south side of the yard for a good while. We'll put them away if we need to leave. But they are good about going back in to rest. Or yesterday Emma ran in saying she couldn't find them anywhere and they had all huddled down under a bush. 

They are all sleeping on their roosts now, they all seven get on the top roost, it's pretty funny listening to them chatter before bed. 

These two were being so funny in the sun the other day, look how their head feathers are all sticking up. 

I'd also been working on a collage timeline and now that it's complete they are ready to share :-) 

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