Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Botanica Children's Garden

Friday afternoon, early evening on July 3rd we made our third trip to the Botanica to check out the Children's Garden. It had been closed up until July 1st due to COVID-19. It was a quick visit, with only an hour or so until closing. But just enough time to check out the children's area. It was so neat! The kids really enjoyed it. It was HOT!

You walk in under a rainbow and follow a yellow brick road - suiting for KANSAS, haha. This was a big rock fountain sculpture. 

Of course Cargill would be a sponsor of part of it, always are it seems. 

There was an iSpy building. You look through the window to try and find all the things listed on the sign out front. 


There was a bee house. 

A pipe led to outside where the bees would fly in to the hive.


We made are way over to a big play area tree house. It was nice that it wasn't crowded. There were many one or two other families that showed up during our play time. But the kids desperately needed this run around and energy burn. 


It was set up as an enchanted forest.


They even had another fairy garden. If you remember from my early post at the Botanica, they had fairy lands placed throughout the forest walk. This was a whole separate area: 


Finished with a music maze and lady bug nook. 


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